3 Reasons Why Red Rock Canyon is The Best for Wedding Photos

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There are many landmarks in Las Vegas to consider when selecting a location for your wedding photos, but we think that Red Rock Canyon is one of the top locations that this city has to offer. From jagged red rocks situated beneath dreamy sunsets to breathtaking desert landscapes, this is a location that you should consider if the words “I do” are on the horizon.

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Photo by Camila Sjodin, Elite Photography


When getting married in Vegas, most people think of the glitz and the glam of the Las Vegas Strip. What many people don’t know is there is more to this great city beyond the Strip, including hot spots like Red Rock Canyon. For those that think a Strip-side wedding photo may be cliché, consider Red Rock Canyon as a unique location off the beaten path. Photographer Camila Sjodin and her seasoned team from Elite Photography shoot personal wedding photos frequently, and in fact, Red Rock Canyon is one of the many locations that they shoot.

Easily Accessible

Red Rock Canyon is easily accessible by vehicle, allowing wedding parties to utilize luxury sedans or even limousines during their photoshoot. The team at Elite Photography has extensive experience with nature and wildlife shots, so your images are bound to come out perfect. This landmark is only about 20 minutes West of the Las Vegas Strip, and is accessible by way of the Red Rock loop.


Let your wedding photos tell a story by shooting at a historical landmark! Red Rock Canyon boasts 195,819 acres of land and rock formations situated in the Mojave Desert. It is said that the Aztec sandstone there is about 180-190 million years old, making it a true historical site. The sandstone found in this area is equally as beautiful as it is old. Dinosaurs once roamed the land that tourists and locals frequent for hiking, making it a great story to tell when people ask about your wedding photos. Let Camila Sjodin and her team at Elite Photography capture a piece of Las Vegas history for you.

Why shoot your wedding photos at Red Rock Canyon

When deciding the perfect location for your wedding shoot in the greater Las Vegas area, consider Red Rock Canyon for its stunning rock formations, convenient location and historical background. Looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding photos? Click here. Looking to reserve luxury vehicles for your shoot or your wedding party? Click here.