A Look Into Limousine Safety

Looking into limo safety in light of recent events.

This blog post pertains to limousine safety in light of one of the deadliest limousine crashes in US history. An accident that left 20 dead has people questioning limo and industry safety standards. Below we explore on the reasons why this specific company is not typical in the industry, and how ODS raises the bar when it comes to safety standards on a local and national level.


Outdated Fleet


The vehicle that was involved in the accident was a 2001 MY Ford Excursion Super Stretch Limousine. Although modified under the Ford/Lincoln Qualified Vehicle Modifiers Program, it is not typical for limousine companies to run 17-year-old-limousines such as this one. It is typical for limousine companies to retire their vehicles after a few years, and replace them. ODS introduces the newest, most cutting-edge vehicles to their fleet on a regular basis, including the newest 2017 Lincoln MKT stretch and ultra-stretch limousines.


Limousine standards for safety



Lack of Credibility


The company involved in the recent accident, as well as its owners, were not listed members of the National Limousine Association, a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1985, dedicated to representing and furthering the worldwide, national, state and local interests of the luxury chauffeured ground transportation industry. LCT events also reported the company never attended any trade shows or conferences. ODS Chauffeured Transportation is both a proud sponsor of the National Limousine Association, as well as an exhibitor at the LCT Show in Las Vegas each year. ODS has formed a network of trusted affiliates due to good business practice.


ODS and Safety 


When it comes to safety, ODS raises industry standards on arguably a national level due to their rigorous and unique training methods. ODS implements the Smith System, which is an elevated approach to driver education consisting of an eight hour safety training program followed by a 40 hour, five day course in areas from safety to providing the customer experience possible. In addition, ODS implements yearly safety meetings that incorporate speakers from local organizations such as the Regional Transportation Committee or the Nevada Highway Patrol. Recently, Mike Lowery, ODS training and performance manager, and Ron Froth, RTC Bicycle & Community Outreach Coordinator, made their rounds with select few chauffeurs to pass out helmets to casino employees that commute to work via bicycle. Read about the recent initiative by clicking here. ODS also enlists our drivers to perform mock chauffeur reservations during training. Many and most of these methods go above and beyond local, and even national industry standards. You can read more about ODS’ safety protocol by clicking here.



In light of a recent tragedy, many are left saddened and confused on how an accident such as this could take place. After exploring the background of the limousine company, it was apparent that passenger safety was not a main priority. At ODS, you can assure that passenger safety is always top priority, and that our fleet vehicles are in the best shape in regards to both safety and cleanliness.