Tips to consider when visiting Las Vegas for the fourth of July holiday

A Very Vegas Independence Day

When it comes to spending any given holiday in Vegas, you can expect an elaborate, all-out celebration, no matter the occasion! This statement holds truth for the nation's birthday, the fourth of July. If you're planning on celebrating red white and blue style in the entertainment capital of the world, consider taking advantage of these current events and happenings to help you really feel festive..

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The importance of proper chauffeur safety training

A Step Above the Rest in Chauffeur Service and Safety

When it comes to chauffeur safety training, ODS Chauffeured Transportation believes in going the extra mile to ensure drivers are prepared for whatever is thrown their way. In comparison to industry standards, ODS has elevated their training initiatives, which shows in the level of safety and service their drivers provide their passengers. Below are a few ways the training program at ODS different..

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How hockey has impacted the city of Las Vegas

An Unexpected Golden Knights Fan Visits Las Vegas

Although the Golden Knights didn't take the Stanley Cup, they defied those 200 to one odds set by many of the casinos around Las Vegas as they advanced to the finals. As the Knights greatly impacted the lives of locals after a tragic previous year, they impacted the life of one unthinkable little girl who lives elsewhere: nine-year-old Keeli from Winnipeg, Canada. Background    In a ho..

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2 benefits to choosing a chauffeur in Las Vegas

The Benefits Of Hiring a Chauffeur vs. Using a Ride Sharing App

When visiting Las Vegas, you have options when it comes to transportation. Whether it be a cab, limousine or ride sharing service, there are more than a few ways to get around town. Below we will discuss the benefits of hiring a professional chauffeur vs. using a ride sharing app upon arrival. Feel Confident in Your Chauffeur    With ride sharing apps, there is really no formal process..

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Reserving a limousine in Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend

Your Memorial Day Weekend Guide in Las Vegas

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel days of the year, as many people are off work and are looking for a way to kick off their Summer. Las Vegas is expected to see over 300,000 visitors this year, ranking it in the top 10 popular destinations to visit during the holiday weekend. If you are planning on visiting town this weekend, consider our Memorial Day weekend guide of things to do ..

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