MAGIC Convention Comes to Life in Las Vegas

Booking your Las Vegas transportation while in town

Fashion lovers from all over the world convene during the MAGIC convention that takes place in Las Vegas each year. This is one of the largest conventions that takes place during the Summer, drawing a mere 85,000 attendees and exhibitors. Below you will find more information on the convention, as well as transportation options to consider during your visit.

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MAGIC 2018  

This year’s MAGIC convention will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino‘s convention center like it has years prior. Spanning over three days, this convention serves as the largest retail marketplace to hit Las Vegas during the year. Attendees can find the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories and even manufacturing. Luxury and contemporary brands merge at this marketplace to offer a comprehensive shopping experience– perfect for business owners looking to expand their network and inventory.

Benefits of Attending

With online shopping becoming the go-to for consumers, many wonder why the fashion trade show experience still flourishes in Las Vegas. At MAGIC, retailers are able to physically feel the products that are for sale, ensuring that they are of top quality and meet their retail criteria. While online shopping is convenient, retailers prefer a direct purchasing experience, especially when investing in bulk for their businesses. Plus, MAGIC will feature new fashions that cannot be found elsewhere, making it a coveted mecca for fashionistas.

Getting Around Las Vegas During MAGIC

Hailing a taxi or utilizing ride sharing can be a complete hassle during MAGIC, especially going to and from Mandalay Bay. With the large influx of people, taxi lines usually begin to wrap around the valet, and ride sharing apps will begin to surge their charges, leaving you with precious time wasted during your business trip. Instead, employ a dedicated personal chauffeur that will promptly pick you up and drop you off at your desired time and location. You will be charged the quote that you were given at the time of booking, no tricks or hidden fees here! Plus, ODS Chauffeured Transportation books with the Mandalay Bay concierge daily, making booking simple for show guests. If you’d like to obtain a trip quote, click here.

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Las Vegas looks forward to welcoming the thousands of guests that MAGIC brings in each year. Make sure to plan ahead when it comes to transportation so you aren’t stuck waiting around and get to enjoy what the city has to offer post-convention. ODS Chauffeured Transportation has many fleet vehicle options, you can click here to find the one that’s right for you or your business group during your stay!