Mini Coaches vs. Limousine Coaches: 3 Distinct Differences

Limousines available for any occasion.

Booking the right vehicle that will accommodate you and your groups’ needs can be a daunting task. With the variety of vehicles offered in a large-size fleet like ODS’, you want to make sure the vehicle that you select can not only fit your entire party, but has all the necessities like luggage space and audio/visual capabilities. In this blog post, we explain three distinct differentiators between mini coaches vs. limousine coaches.

Number of People Accommodated

When it comes to booking the right vehicle for you and your group, you first and foremost want to make sure there is enough seating on board for everyone. While a limousine style Mercedes Benz Sprinter sounds appealing, it can only accommodate about half of the people compared to an executive minibus. An executive minibus is a much more economically friendly option for corporate groups, while a limousine Sprinter might be the best choice for a girl’s night out. ODS offers solutions for large groups with both van, minibus and limousine style options.

Mercedes Benz Sprinters come in limousine or van style.


The type of vehicle that you select will depend upon the occasion. For example, you are most likely not going to show up to a board meeting in a limousine style Sprinter complete with dome/accent lighting and a champagne basin. On the flip side, you are most likely not going to pick your girlfriends up for a bachelorette party in a minibus with individual, traditional style leather back seating. Luckily, ODS has the perfect vehicle to accommodate any special occasion.

Minibuses or motor coaches are ideal for large groups.

Limousines and Luggage

Often times minibuses are able to accommodate much more luggage than a limousine due to having an additional luggage compartment or storage area. When traveling with large groups, a minibus is a much more practical option due to the fact that it has much more cabin space. Because of the buildout of limousines, it is much harder to find places to accommodate additional luggage. ODS services both limos and minibuses to and from McCarran International Airport.

When deciding upon what vehicle to book for you and your group, keep in mind that the number of people in your party, the occasion and the amount of luggage that you have should greatly impact your decision. ODS specializes in large group and event transportation! Click here to contact us today and our group transportation team will assist you in selecting the right vehicle that will best accommodate your needs.