ODS Recognizes The Power In Purple In Fighting Cancer In Las Vegas

ODS is constantly seeking philanthropic partnerships in efforts to align with organizations that hold meaning to the company as a whole. It is with great honor and well-deserved recognition that Madhavi Manes, Client Success Manager, is taking a stand against cancer with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Power In Purple campaign.

The Power In Purple campaign was created not only to raise money to benefit cancer research on a local level, but to also shine a light on other existing cancers aside from breast cancer. Many cancers are underfunded and less recognized, including lung cancer, the world’s number one killer. Nearly one third of all women and one half of all men will be diagnosed with cancer in their life, meaning it has affected more people than you know, and is the very reason Manes stepped up to the plate to make an impact.

“This is near and dear to my heart as I have physically and mentally battled this awful disease with a family member, so I feel compelled to join in on this cause to bring awareness to Power in Purple,” said Manes when asked why she joined the campaign. “As a Power in Purple representative, my goal is to not only raise necessary funds, but also raise awareness and enhance research for those battling cancer.”

Manes is joining forces with many other powerful female business leaders in Las Vegas, and plans to utilize her business network and resources at ODS to raise enough to meet or beat her goal of $5,000.

Fundraising began on January 1st, 2019 and will continue through April 30th, 2019. Make sure to follow ODS on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay current with fundraising news, events, and initiatives surrounding Manes’ Power In Purple campaign, all with support and gratitude from ODS. To make a tax deductible donation to Manes’ campaign today, simply click here.