The Benefits Of Hiring a Chauffeur vs. Using a Ride Sharing App

2 benefits to choosing a chauffeur in Las Vegas

When visiting Las Vegas, you have options when it comes to transportation. Whether it be a cab, limousine or ride sharing service, there are more than a few ways to get around town. Below we will discuss the benefits of hiring a professional chauffeur vs. using a ride sharing app upon arrival.

Why a chauffeur is better than ride sharing

Feel Confident in Your Chauffeur   

With ride sharing apps, there is really no formal process in place to measure the level of credibility or professionalism of your driver. Because ride sharing is all online, drivers sign up via a website and undergo no formal interviews. With a professional transportation  company, drivers are personally vetted, where they are interviewed, undergo a drug screening and are trained to provide the highest level of professionalism in the industry. The level of service provided by a professional chauffeur in comparison to a ride share driver is unmatched.

Ride in Comfort

Ride sharing is like a game of roulette in terms of the vehicle that you will be picked up in. The driver may have had their pets riding in the back seat, they may be smokers and their kids may have made a previous mess. With a professional transportation company, you will know exactly what vehicle you will be picked up in, as it will be well maintained by their staff in between rides. With a professional chauffeur, you will never feel like you’re riding in someone else’s personal vehicle.

Reasons why you should choose to hire a chauffeur in Las Vegas

Although ride sharing may seem like a convenient option when visiting Las Vegas, the level of service provided by a professional chauffeur is simply unmatched. If you plan to visit Las Vegas, and want to browse our fleet options, click here. If you want to read more about why you should hire a car service during your visit to Las Vegas, click here.